Meet Our Team!

Learn more about Dance Marathon at LSU's team managers, directors, and committees of students who are geauxing above to raise money For the Kids at OLOLCMNH. 


Landon Zeringue

Executive Director

Landon oversees Dance Marathon at LSU and facilitates the organization's success in planning and executing events that encourage involvement among LSU students while making miracles For the Kids!


Sarah Armstead

External director

Sarah oversees committees that focus on the perception of Dance Marathon at LSU. Sarah and her team works to define our brand and spread our vision and mission to dancers and partners to keep our community engaged.


Jessica dicharia

Finance Director

Jessica oversees committees that focus on partnering with businesses and donors to make miracles for the kids. Jessica's team facilitates the success of events by working with our community partners to spread our movement.


Jeremy Bruhl

Internal Director 

Jeremy oversees committees that focus on planning and executing the Big Event in the Spring. Jeremy's team prepares and hosts a 26.2 hour event that culminates Dance Marathon's yearlong fundraiser.