Fundraising resources

Register to Fundraise

Click here to register as a Dancer for Dance Marathon at LSU 2020 and begin your fundraising journey! All the money you raise will go directly to helping the children of Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital. Your efforts are vital to the success of our program. Any amount, no matter how big or small, makes a massive impact on the lives of so many.

How to Fundraise

All of the money you raise will go directly to helping the children of Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital. You’re efforts are vital to the fundraising success of Dance Marathon at LSU, and any amount, no matter how big or small, makes a massive impact in the lives of so many.

Canning 101

  • Canning is one of the easiest and most profitable ways to reach your fundraising goal. Our Fundraising Team contacts local businesses for permission to stand outside the entrances and exits with Dance Marathon at LSU cans. Dancers can sign up for specific canning “shifts” to ask customers to contribute their spare change to Dance Marathon as they enter and leave the business. A canning shift usually lasts for 2 hours on Saturday or Sunday.

  • While canning, make sure to keep your energy up! A quick “pitch” as people pass can catch their attention. Always thank the customers and be as polite and enthusiastic as possible.

To get some tips and tricks on how to can, watch the video below!


Sending D'Mails

Sending emails to potential donors is a fast and easy way to fundraise. When you send a D’Mail, you can do it one of two ways:

  1. Send the email through your personal email account.
  2. Send an email through Donor Drive.

In general, when sending an email to potential donors, make sure to introduce yourself and explain what you’re raising money for. Explain what Dance Marathon is and where their money is going. Why is Dance Marathon important to you, why do you participate in DM; these are all good things to include.

When you send an email through Donor Drive, you can either send a pre-typed template or personalize your message. When you send an email this way, your Donor Drive fundraising link is automatically included in your email.

Letter Writing Campaign

The Letter Writing Campaign is a great way to connect with potential donors who may not be present on social media. When you submit the name and address of a family member or friend below, they will receive a letter in the mail. This letter will explain what Dance Marathon at LSU is, the story of one of our Miracle Kids, and information about how they can donate to Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital in Baton Rouge on your behalf.

Contacting businesses can be a great way to reach your fundraising goals. Businesses are often willing and able to donate to you, and are a great way to interact with the Baton Rouge community. You can use the template provided to give to potential sponsors and to personalize as you go.


  • Personalize your Donor Drive page

    • Adding some personal text, even just a quick paragraph, is better than leaving the default text and will encourage people to donate to your page. You can even add pictures, too!

  • Make a FTK Change Jar

  • Ask your friends and family to sponsor you for every hour of the Big Event

  • Offer to be the Designated Driver for your friends in exchange for donations

  • Babysit, pet sit or tutor

    • People might even pay you a little extra if they know you’re using the money FTK.

  • Ask your family and friends to sponsor your grades FTK

  • Share your Donor Drive page on social media

  • Sell old clothes at Plato’s Closet or on your social media and use that money FTK

  • Design t-shirts for your team and use your profits FTK

  • Be an Uber or Lyft driver to make some extra money