Fundraising resources 

So, you have $250 to raise . . . it may seem daunting, but it's easier than it sounds! Get started with some of these fundraising ideas:

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  • Working LSU concessions at basketball, baseball, and football games
  • Canning at Baton Rouge-area businesses
  • Sending fundraising letters using our Letter Writing Form 

Canning 101



What is canning? Simply put, canning is one of the easiest and most profitable ways to reach your fundraising goal! Our Fundraising team contacts local businesses for permission to stand outside entrances and exits with DM at LSU cans. Dancers can sign up for published canning “shifts” (usually two hours at a time on the weekends) to ask customers to contribute their spare change to Dance Marathon as they enter or leave the business.

Is it weird asking strangers for money? It’s easier than you think! Many people will stop to listen to what you have to say because they’re familiar with Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network.

What should I remember to do when canning? Keep your energy up! A quick “pitch” as people pass will help catch their attention – for example, “Hi, we’re raising money for Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital, would you like to make a donation?” Always thank people and try to be as enthusiastic and positive as possible


Individual ideas

  • Personalize your DonorDrive page! Adding some personal text, even if it’s just a quick paragraph, is better than leaving the default text and will encourage people to donate! Add pictures, too!
  • Make a change jar FTK
  • Ask your family and friends to sponsor you for every hour of Dance Marathon at LSU
  • Offer to be designated driver for friends in exchange for donations
  • Babysit, petsit, or tutor! People may even pay extra if they know you are donating your profits to the kids!
  • Ask friends and family to donate an “hour” of their time once a week or once a month by donating the equivalent of an hour’s wage
  • Ask family and friends to sponsor your grades For The Kids
  • Share your DonorDrive page on social media and include a personal message
  • Ask friends and family if their employers have matching gift programs – this can double or even triple a donation!
  • Use your meal plan to swipe people in at dining halls in exchange for donations
  • Sell old clothes at Plato’s Closet (located on Siegen Ln) or Meta Exchange (at Perkins and Bluebonnet)
  • Design t-shirts for your team and sell them!

Group/team ideas

Remember that any activities on campus should be approved by the proper LSU officials.

  • Contact local businesses to hold fundraisers like give back nights or car washes!
  • Work a canning shift together as a team and contribute the money to your team’s total
  • You can schedule your own group canning events – just contact our Director of Fundraising and we’ll provide the cans!
  • Sell donuts, baked goods, coffee or hot chocolate
  • Ask everyone in your organization to bring $1 to your next meeting to add to your team’s total