Our internal team

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Jessica DiCharia

Morale Director


Jesica and her team ensure that dancers are informed, engaged, and excited at the big event. 

Jessica's Morale Committee: 

  • Assistant Director of Dancer Engagement: Hayden Guidry
  • Assistant Director for Activities: Scott Streitelmeier. 
  • Morale Captains
    • Berkely Parent
    • Chalon Fogarty
    • Simran Gandhi
    • Ray Eaglin II
    • Catherine Hunt
    • Wesley Fontenot
    • Anne Bradstreet
    • Ashton Arendell
    • William Boles
    • Emily Hutchinson
    • Alexis Theriot
    • Leelee Jacoby
    • Abraham Hatem
    • Caroline Cook
    • Sarah Branton
    • Elizabeth Stewart
    • Amanda Husein
    • Emile Jeunesse
    • Kaylee Parfait
    • Falyn McCune 



Carter Pesson

Technology director


Carter and his team maintain the organization's website, produce videos, and document the organization's work through photography and videography. During events, this committee creates and facilitates use of audio and video equipment. 

Carter's Technology Committee: 

  • Assistant Director for Big Event Production: Anthony Phan
  • Assistant Director for Technology: Andre Folse

Kayla Nguyen

Communications Director


Kayla facilitates communication between the different committees and dancers involved in making this organization successful. She manages the organization email account, calendar, and records for the academic year. 


Sarah ArmsteaD

Event Management director


Sarah coordinates the Big Event, a celebration of life and of the end of our year-long fundraiser for the kids!  She and her team plan, set up, and facilitate the success of the Big Event. 

Sarah's Event Management Committee: 

  • Assistant Director for Volunteer Management: Christopher Jeanlouis
  • Assistant Director of Facility Management: Omead Darvish. 

Landon ZeringuE

Entertainment Director


Landon organizes entertainment for events throughout the year-long fundraiser, including the Big Event. Working with musicians and other acts, he brings in exciting events for each hour of the Big Event. 

Landon's Entertainment Committee: 

  • Assistant Director of Non-Stage Entertainment: Allie Desforges