Our Finance Team


Shaya Khorsandi

Partnerships Director


Shaya establishes and maintains relationships with our partners, who are instrumental in helping the organization to make miracles for the kids. By encouraging partners to geaux above, Shaya and his team help to maintain a network of businesses that seek to fight for the next generation.

Shaya's Partnerships Committee:

  • Assistant Director for Catering: vacant

Hannah Robnik

Fundraising Director


Hannah coordinates and staffs successful fundraisers to make miracles for the kids. Hannah and her team work with local businesses to host canning events, concession shifts, and other fundraisers.

Hannah's Fundraising Committee:

  • Assistant Director for Canning: Alyssa Carmona
  • Assistant Director for Concessions: vacant
  • Assisntant Director for Letter Writing Campaign: vacant
  • Committe Members:
    • Cassandra Broussard

Kaitryana Leinbach

Special Events Director


Kaitryana plans, coordinates, and executes special events throughout the semester to make miracles for the kids. She geauxs above for the kids to host unique events that engage donors, partners, and dancers alike.


Anne Bradstreet

Assistant Director for Data Tracking

TODO: stuff