Our Finance Team


Melissa Morgan

Partnerships Director


Melissa establishes and maintains relationships with our partners, who are instrumental in helping the organization to make miracles  for the kids. By encouraging partners to geaux above, Tanner and his team help to maintain a network of businesses that seek to fight for the next generation. 

Melissa's Partnerships Committee:

  • Assistant Director for Partner Stewardship: Shaya Khorsandi
  • Committee Member: Rachel Ledet 
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Brianna price

Catering Director


Brianna works to foster relationships with restaurants to secure food and drink for the Big Event. By partnering with catering companies, Brianna and her team help keep our dancers full during the Big Event. 

Brianna's Catering Committee:

  • Assistant Director for Catering: Adora Anadi
  • Committee Member: Jenae' Naquin

Sarah Whitlow

Special Events Director


Sarah plans, coordinates, and executes special events throughout the semester to make miracles for the kids. Sarah and her team geaux above for the kids to host unique events that engage donors, partners, and dancers alike. 

Sarah's Special Events Committee:

  • Assistant Director for Give Back Nights: Jayla Campbell
  • Committee Members:
    • Allison Hultgren
    • Elisabeth Dixon 

Mallory Gill

Fundraising Director


Mallory coordinates and staffs successful fundraisers to make miracles for the kids. Mallory and her team work with local businesses to host canning events, concession shifts, and other fundraisers. 

Mallory's Fundraising Committee:

  • Assistant Director for Canning: Kristen Payne
  • Assistant Director for Concessions: Zach Wright
  • Assistant Director for Fundraising: Gail Chambers
  • Committee Member: Hannah Robnik