Our External Team


Dan Murphy

Recruitment Director


Dan and his team work to recruit dancers to become a part of our movement and to geaux above for the kids! 

Dan's Recruitment Committee: 

  • Assistant Director for Greek Recruitment: Catherine Colvin
  • Assistant Director for Student Organization Recruitment: Keith Gonzales
  • Assistant Director for Residence Hall Recruitment: Erin Wilcox. 
  • Committee Members:
    • Greek Recruitment Committee Member: Alyssa Carmona
    • Kaitryana Leinbach
    • Blake Sullivan
    • Jesse Hood
    • DeJean Verret
    • Courtney Perrin
    • Ashleigh Rooney
    • Sydney DeVille  

Kaitlyn Blanchard

High School Dance Marathon Director


Kaitlyn involves high schools in our movement, geauxing above for the kids. She and her team recruit high school students interested in making miracles. 

Kaitlyn's High School Dance Marathon Committee:

  • Assistant Director for McKinley Dance Marathon: Amelia Artall
  • Assistant Director for New Dance Marathon Recruitment: Courtnie DiCapo
  • Committee Members:
    • Courtney Gregoire
    • Corrin Connelly

Gabriel sanchez

alumni Relations Director


Gabriel networks with Dance Marathon at LSU alumni to engage graduates in the organization's progress in making miracles for the kids. Gabriel and his team encourage alumnae to geaux above for the kids at OLOLCMNH. 

Gabriel's Alumni Relations Committee:

  • Assistant Director for Communications: Jared Barrileaux

Hannah Tonry

Dancer relations director


Hannah works to engage and connect with dancers throughout their involvement in our movement. Hannah and her team encourage dancers to geaux above by teaching them about Dance Marathon at LSU and helping them get more involved in the student organization. 

Hannah's Dancer Relations Committee: 

  • Assistant Director for Dancer Communications: Emily Hebert
  • Assistant Director for Dancer Relations: Regan Benton
  • Committee Member: Caroline Cruse 

Dorothy travasos

Public Relations Director


Dorothy works to brand and promote Dance Marathon at LSU via creation of graphics, branding official documents, and utilizing social media. Dorothy and her team work together to spread our vision and mission to the LSU student body and our Baton Rouge community.  

Dorothy's Public Relations Committee:

  • Assistant Directors for Public Relations:
    • Mollie Thompson
    • Elizabeth Nguyen
  • Committee Member: Ethan Olsen 

Kaitryana Leinbach

Hospital Relations Director


Kaitryana maintains relations with OLOLCMNH by networking with hospital staff, scheduling regular hospital tours for Dancers and Leadership, and maintaining relationships with our Miracle Families. 

Kaitryana's Hospital relations Committee:

  • Assistant Director for Family Events: Lindsey Brierre
  • Assistant Director for Hospital Tours: Carey Chadwick
  • Assistant Director: Claire Stansbury
  • Committee Member: Chloe Pultz