Miracle Points

Miracle Points are an incentive to motivate teams to sign up for events and fundraising opportunities throughout the year. By attending giveback nights, Dancer Meetings, and other events, teams can earn miracle points to win the Miracle Cub for their team division: Greek Teams, ResLife Teams, and Student Organizations.

miracle Point Breakdown

To earn your points for the asterisked items, send a selfie or screenshot to miraclepointsdmatlsu@gmail.com


2000 Miracle Points

  • Winning Banner Contest
  • Team reaches 50% of goal by Beat Bama Week
  • Team reaches 100% of goal during One Day Push

1000 Miracle Points

  •  Team Fundraising Event*
  • Team Concessions Stand Fundraising Event*
  • Reaching Team Total
  • Winning penny wars

500 miracle points

  • Per 40% of the Team that attends a Give-Back Night
  • Per 40% of the Team that attends a Special Event
  • 100% Big Event Team Participation
  • 100% team attends All-Dancer Meeting each semester
  • Submit a team Banner for the Banner Contest
  • Team Hospital Tour
  • Per Gala ticket sold
  • Per auction item donated

350 Miracle points 

  • Register a new Dancer to your team**
  • Per member that works a concession stand, canning,  fundraising event*
  • Per member that attends a Hospital Tour/ Playroom Visit*
  • Hold a Dancer Team Meeting* 

175 miracle points

  • Share Dance Marathon posts on social media (use #dmatlsu2018)*
  • Share Donor Drive page on social media*
  • Dancer Representative attends Dancer Rep Meeting (each meeting)
  • Per Dancer that reaches $250 Fundraising Minimum


Points will be doubled during recruitment pushes

Points will be doubled during beat bama week

Points will be tripled during one day push